Unique Features

Any-Shape 3D Maps

Play on the surface of any 3D shape, such as a planet, potato, horseshoe, or gear. Perhaps several islands floating in void connected with small bridges. Perhaps a stuck clockwork.

Most places can be ambushed from multiple directions.

Determining the strategic value of various positions on the map is a crucial skill to master the game.

Strategy Game, Not Action Game

UW focuses on thoughtful planning and strategic positioning. Players must capture additional resource deposits and simultaneously make the most of what they already have available. Also ensure the protection of your supply lines.

Unit micromanagement is minimized wherever possible. Units have no user-activated skills. Pulling back damaged units is inconsequential.


Resources In The World

UW has over a dozen types of resources: raw ores, processed materials, and intermediate goods.

All resources are on pallets or in boxes, existing directly in the world, and requiring transportation.

Trucks are controlled automatically.

Military Bonuses (Planned)

UW has no technology tree or research. Progression is achieved through acquiring or refining new resources.

A globally applied bonus is obtained by capturing, holding, and supplying goods to specific neutral buildings in the world.

Gaining higher experience than your opponent grants an additional bonus. Experience is earned by destroying enemy forces and is not tied to specific units.


Civilians (Planned)

Larger population gives greater economic boost. However, civilians are picky and prefer to live in safer and better-supplied cities.

You must capture cities and provide them with food and some luxurious goods to gain their favor.

Creating the most well-lived cities becomes a competition with your opponents.

Virtual Reality (Partially Completed)

The unique maps of Unnatural Worlds make the game a perfect fit for virtual reality, marking it as the first RTS game in VR.

You hold the world in one hand and issue commands to your units with the other hand.

Cross-play is possible.

virtual reality

Concept Art



Present State

Actually playable game. Supports multiplayer. Virtual reality partially done.

Most technical difficulties resolved (mostly related to the (un)nature of the maps shapes).

Some graphical/audio assets are placeholders.

Milestone 1: Early Access

(Late 2024 or 2025)

The prerequisites for early access include:

Completion of some gameplay mechanics, such as civilians and military bonuses.

Enhancements to graphics, animations, sound effects, and music.

Bots (AI players).

Few initial story missions.

Milestone 2: Release

(2 or more additional years)

The prerequisites for full release include:

Complete story-driven campaign.

Scripting and tools for user-generated content.

Overall polishing and quality-of-life improvements.

Disclaimer: Be aware that the aforementioned milestones are plans and ideas, and that the final product may differ. Just saying.


Tomáš Malý

Founder, programmer

Jan Forst


Eva Mayerová


Vít Listík


Šimon Let


Jan Nekvapil

VR programmer

Petr Všetečka

AI programmer

Josef Surý

Concept artist

With a lot of amazing support by friends.

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