Any-shape 3D maps

Play on the surface of any 3D shape, such as planet, potato, horseshoe, or gear. Perhaps several islands floating in void connected with small bridges. Stuck clockwork.

Most places can be ambushed from multiple directions, and finding fastest paths may occasionally surprise you.

Evaluating strategical importance of various places on the map is crucial for victory.

Strategy game

UW focuses on resource management, logistics, intelligence gathering, and strategical planning. Unit micromanagement is subdued wherever possible.

Military units have no user-activated skills. To avoid pulling damaged units back, all units have just one life. Destroying units is probabilistic, based on type of weapon and armor only.

Military units require supplying ammunition.



UW has over two dozens of types of resources: ores, processed metals, intermediate goods, and final products that are assembled into tanks (or shot at enemies from said tanks).

All resources are on palettes, in boxes, or carriages, and exists directly in the worlds and need to be transported. Trucks are controlled automatically.

Base building

Smart placement of buildings reduces transportation delays, which significantly accelerates players growth.

Ore deposits provide infinite amounts of resources at a limited rate, but are spread over the map and must be captured and protected. Defending own supply lines is vital for survival.

Some buildings provide global bonuses, but require sustained supply of some refined goods.

base building


New soldiers are recruited from cities. The bigger the city population, the more recruits you get. However, civilians are picky and prefer to live in safer and better supplied cities.

You have to capture cities and provide them with food, and possibly some luxurious goods, to gain their favor and therefore more soldiers. Making the most well-lived city is a competition between you and your opponents.

Killing civilians disfavors you in your own cities.

Virtual reality

You hold the world in one hand and issue commands to your units with your other hand.

Cross-play is possible.

The unique maps of Unnatural Worlds make the game perfect fit for virtual reality, making it the first classic RTS game in VR.

virtual reality

Concept art



Present state: technological demo II

Camera controls, units selection and controls, and buildings placement are implemented. Placing buildings, gathering resources, processing into goods, and producing units are all working. Combat is mostly done, but without requiring ammunition yet.

Units navigation and automatic truck deliveries are working, however some improvements are to be made yet.

Multiplayer is working. Steam sdk is integrated, which makes it trivial to connect with friends and play even across countries.

Virtual reality is partially implemented.

Basic AI is working. It strictly follows a predefined build order for now.

Tool for procedurally generating new planets is working. It is open source and freely available, so that you can customize your created planets (assuming some programming skills).

All technical challenges are resolved, mostly implemented, and verified to meet our requirements.

Milestone 1: early access

Finishing core game-play mechanics: civilians, ammunition, and power grid.

Technical improvements: pathfinding with collision avoidance and units formations.

Improving graphics and animations.

Sound effects and some music.

Bots: artificial intelligence competitors.

Milestone 2: release

Story-driven campaign.

Scripting and tools for user generated content.

Overall polishing and quality-of-life improvements.

Disclaimer: Be aware that the aforementioned milestones are plans and ideas, and that the final product may differ. Just saying.


Tomáš Malý

Founder, programmer

Jan Forst


Eva Mayerová


Vít Listík


Šimon Let


Jan Nekvapil

VR programmer

Petr Všetečka

AI programmer

Josef Surý

Concept artist

With a lot of amazing support by friends.

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